Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are online payments?

Online payment is a payment method that allows funds to be electronically withdrawn from your bank account using your bank debit/credit card.

2. Who can make online payments?

Any debit/credit card issued in Oman can be used for online payments by anyone using eServices of Muscat Municipality. .

3. Is there a fee for making online payments?

No. Making online payments is a free service that is convenient and secure to make a payment. .

4. How do I make a payment?

Payment is only allowed for registered users of the Muscat Municipality. If the service you use is enabled for online payment, you will be provide with the facility to pay in your application. You can click on the Pay button and continue to the payment process. .

5. What will happen if I make my payment on a weekend or holiday?

The service is online 24*7. .

6. How do I know my payment was successful?

Normally when you pay you will be redirected to the receipt page of the application, which will show you the status of your transaction. You will also be notified with an SMS and Email from the Muscat Municipality if the payment was successful. .

7. I got an email stating my transaction was successful. But eService is asking me to pay again. What should I do?

If you got an email from Muscat Municipality saying your payment was successful and the eService still requests you to pay for the same transaction, before proceeding to another payment, check your bank account and confirm that the money is debited from your account and not returned. If money is debited, you may contact Muscat Municipality and provide the details of the transaction with email confirmation, for more information on the transaction and resolve any issue. .

8. I got an SMS from my bank stating money was debited for Muscat Municipality. But, I did not get any confirmation email or SMS from the Ministry. The eService is asking me to pay again. What should I do?

This means the transaction was not successful. Your money would be blocked for Muscat Municipality by your bank and it needs to be released from your bank. You may contact your bank directly for releasing the money, or you may contact Bank Muscat with your transaction details. You may also contact Muscat Municipality to confirm the status of the transaction. .

9. I paid twice for the same bill/clearance. Money was debited twice from my bank account and was not returned. What should I do?

You should contact Muscat Municipality to refund one of the payment transactions. .

10. How do I claim a refund for a payment?

You can call the Muscat Municipality Hotline (80077000) or read the refund policy section of the website to know more about the refund process. .